What are the main topics we have to learn in SAP FICO?

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What are the main topics we have to learn in SAP FICO?

The main topics to learn in SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling) include:

Financial Accounting (FI):

General Ledger Accounting: Chart of accounts, posting, and document types.
Accounts Payable: Vendor master data, invoice processing, and payments.
Accounts Receivable: Customer master data, invoice creation, and collection.
Asset Accounting: Asset master data, asset acquisition, and depreciation.
Bank Accounting: Bank master data, cash journal, and bank reconciliation.
Financial Statements: Balance sheets, profit & loss statements, and financial reporting.

Controlling (CO):

Cost Element Accounting: Primary and secondary cost elements.
Cost Center Accounting: Cost centers and allocation.
Internal Orders: Order management and settlement.
Profit Center Accounting: Profit centers and segment reporting.
Product Costing: Cost estimates, material ledger, and variance analysis.
Profitability Analysis (CO-PA): Revenue, cost analysis, and profitability reports.
Mastering these topics ensures comprehensive knowledge of SAP FICO functionalities.

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